Cake Poker No Deposit Bonus – The Truth

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This poker room is a new online poker room that offers a no deposit bonus to their players.  chairmanates this as the main positive thing about the poker room.  They claim that this will give players confidence to join and that they will receive tons of gifts and Las Vegas Poker Lessons.  Really the only thing we could say that this poker offer has done is increased the number of poker players on the site.

They started offering the “Cake Poker No Deposit Bonus” almost 2 years ago in September of 2009, which was spotted by just about everyone.  Initially the name of the poker room was “Osaka Club Poker”.  Not much has changed in the little over 2 years that this has been operating.  The poker room still features plenty of playing options and some of the best software.  perhaps the biggest change the poker room has seen was when they added blind rotation games to their software last year.

The biggest attraction at Cake is the “Free Roll” Tournament option that they have on most days.  Beginners will love this place because there is something for everyone here.  Not just blackjack players that want to learn how to play poker, but pretty much anyone that is ready to play just for the heck of it.  Playing in these freerolls is special in that you can win some money and not have to pay a fee, if you choose to do so.

At Cake you will find a variety of software that all offer different levels of playing.  The software is by no means advanced and some of the oldest around, but they do offer some great features for the player such as avatars and hand history showing.  Anything you would find on a Vegas Poker Room test.

In addition they have a nice welcome bonus for any online poker player that is a first deposit to Cake.  In addition, they offer a nice weekly bonus of some value, which varies in value based on the week you are playing.  patience is a virtue, if you can get a hold of it.

Cake offers an amazing signup bonus.  Normally you can get up to $600 bonus on your first deposit depending on the amount that you deposit.  They also offer bonuses for your monthly deposit as well.  With their high limits you will certainly earn a big bonus.  From time to time you will earn a small bonus too.  Nice one hundred per cent signup bonuses as well.

Cake offers some incredible promotions.  Not only does it have exciting tournaments, but they also have awesome promotions within the poker room.  Regular promotions that are sure to keep you coming back to the site.  They also have some amazing monthly promotions.  That’s what the brand is all about in the industry, hard to beat.

Buyins for tournaments go up quickly, so no wonder Cake Poker is one of the most trafficked poker rooms in the industry.  They have some of the most opportunistic tournament opportunities available in any poker room.  Games during the day are available as well as tournaments.  Your ability to earn tournament entry points also increases daily.

Bolagila Poker also offers a variety of different poker games.  Poker Stars will probably be the best place to play for a novice poker player.  They offer one of the higher limits as well as lots of poker games for novices.  If you are looking for a limit to move up to, you can try out one of the low poker limits such as NL2, NL5, and Colts.  Not only are these tournaments very popular, but the traffic on them makes it easy to earn a living.

Cake offers about 10 different games at any time.  Poker Stars is especially known for their tournament reliability and monthly event that includes tournaments of all sizes.  You can find a lot of tournaments for a small buy in at various levels of buy ins.  The highest limits in addition to a good number of Sit and Go tournaments are offered at Poker Stars.  That is one of the reasons why many people prefer to hone their poker skills here first, as opposed to moving to a site with a higher limit once you are more established.

People who live in the United States are eligible for the bonuses offered on the site.  The bonuses are usually deposit bonuses and/or sign up bonuses.  enabled by their US customer base.  Note that you does not have to be a US citizen or resident to play on the site, you just have to be a US citizen or resident to play on the site.