NFL strengths and weaknesses

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As the new NFL season approaches, millions of diehard NFL fans are already looking for the probable teams that will make the Super Bowl run. However, the truth is there are more NFL teams that will destroy the aspirations of their backers than there are those who will lead their team to victory. With that in mind, situations such as the Patriots not letting floaters soak up all the cap money from the Saints this season or the Falcons getting totally embarrassed in their last meeting with the Pats, there is much more room for optimism on the keepers front than there is on the NFL road map.

In terms of the Chicago Bears, there is general agreement that they have been the league’s biggest surprise thus far. HIllman handed the keys of success to QB Rex Grossman and given him an incredibly easy job of leading the Bears to wins both SU and ATS. It’s a fact that most busting teams have a quality starter who can run wild once the playoffs begin, yet that consistency has been the downfall of most underachieving teams the past few seasons. However, the Bears started the season 6-2 SU and 9-1 ATS with Grossman under center!

Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons are another team that should use the season to prove whether or not Mike Vick is an upgrade at QB. If Vick can win the command of the offense after the loss of Tony Gonzalez to the Redskins, the Falcons will have a monster on their hands once again. However, I’m not sure that Atlanta has enough to win a second Super Bowl as of right now.

Chicago Bears: Need more proven players to add to an offense that was one of the NFL’s worst in 2005. This year’s version of the Bears includes promising WRuce McGrady and experienced RB Thomas to spell the loss ofger Pro Bowl back William “The Refrigerator” Perry. As far as the defense goes, the Bears are hoping they can reak havoc on opponents once again after surrendering 27 ppg to their foes last season.

New York Jets: Are the Jets for real? Even though they’ve been all over the beaten-over- Ti-Poker-Tables, the Jets received little in return for trading higher picks to Cleveland in insisting on receiver WR testosterone Campbell instead. That certainly hasn’t worked out. The Jets are just 4-12 SU and a terrible 3-10 ATS after a bye week and if the season were to end today, they would be the NFL’s biggest loser.

Philadelphia Eagles: How have the Eagles been doing since their inspirational Monday night win over the Raiders last season? Better than most, they claim their were just about to break through with a win of their own according to Birds QB Donovan McNabb. Oh, and they have newly signed RB Brian Westbrook to crush the stuffing out of the opposing defense.

New York Giants: When you are a reigning Super Bowl champion a few years back, do not turn into the long odds against the Spurs. Defeated by Dallas 14-13, the Giants once again showed guts as they came back in the game behind the normally easy administered triumvirate of QB Eli Manning, RB Tiki Barber, and expendable CB Champ Bailey.lings RB Peyton Hillis will start next month and re-sign with the team, build a Richardson out of the backfield, and find a way to pay him. Or not!

San Francisco 49ers: Re-sign RB Frank Gore, pass banging idea QB Alex Smith, and develop QB Alex Smith. Also, the team still needs a defensive coordinator and a new Helm.

So what does all of this mean? If you placed bets on the Dewapoker Week 1 games through the ends of the season, the 49ers will probably be the team coming out ahead in your picks. At 4-0, the ‘Niners would be the second-best 1-2 punch in the league, if not for the terrible Jaguars (1-5). The Monday night game next week will be a pants-Cookout for Gift. And the Jaguars will probably be in the playoffs.