Poker – How to Take Advantage of Scare Cards

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Scare Cards

What is a Scare Card?

A scare card is any card that is dealt on the turn that appears to give a player a strong hand; usually, it appears to give that player a stronger hand than the one they were holding at the flop.

Common scare cards are Jack, Queen, and King. When dealt in sequence, these cards present a difficult pattern for players to correctly respond to, creating more opportunity for scare cards to be dealt. As a result, quads or potential hands such as four of a kind, a full house, or even a straight can be appear before the turn.

How to Protect Your Hand

Typically, scare cards should be either played around the same with stronger hands or completely avoided. With three weeks of pocket cards, you should be fairly certain that at least two of the pocket cards will provide you with a scare card.

When you are playing a weak hand, you should consider putting a bet in the pot before the flop. In a scenario where you have pocket Jacks, you have roughly a 35% chance of winning the hand, at the least. Betting conditionsally before the flop or on the flop can help ensure you at least win something.

There are few ways to make an easily found scare card. One way is to raise when nobody else does. The scare card will still usually be there even if everyone else folds. However, if you do this and then get re-raised, you are taking away the advantage of possibly holding the weak hand and possibly getting paid off for a bet on the flop.

One way to make scare cards easily is by just calling the blind and checking the flop. For example, the flop is 2-8-Q. If you bet for half the blind, you will probably scare some players into folding. When you get your cards, they will probably still surprise you, but at least you will have made your money in one manner or another.

Players who know what they are doing, and can read an opponents reactions can use this to their advantage. If you know your opponent is an aggressive player, you can set a trap for him. If you know your opponent is a calling station, you can call him without fear.

The Throat Raiser

The gut feeling you have as the play progresses is a strong sign that you may have just spotted a great area to operate in. If you have a good reason to think your opponent is on the draw, or weak, you can raise him. If you are in early position, you can check to get a free card in case your opponent bets. Having a weak hand on the flop gives you a lot more room to operate.

Operating with a weak hand is neither desirable nor necessary. Many players will make a transition from the weak to the strong hand. Where ever you are on the wheel, you are at your weakest and most vulnerable. Play it and don’t lose it, either way.Compromise Achieving Own The Blinds

The money you make allows you to play more precisely, and a bit more aggressively. Powerful moves and techniques are much more effective when the player is more in control of the hand than the situation.

Play tight, solid ABC poker, when you have no hand or at best, a marginal hand. It’s good to be coloured in when you have a weak hand, but the risk rewards very little. It’s worth keeping the suspense of a weak hand especially in the early stages.

In conclusion, the most effective way to make money in poker is to use the many edges you have over your opponents to take those marginal hands and win more than they will.

Do not concentrate on winning every hand. Instead, focus on setting up your opponents for a failed state and win as many chips as you can before they correct their mistake and turn your hand into aConclusion of Your Play

In conclusion, play strong pokerace99 with several edges, and manage your poker playing style to fit, or manipulate the playing arena to achieve your goals. Never forget that poker is a game of psychology and the most successful players know that perfectly well. They play only the cards that have the edge, and the other players fall victim to their own play and those subtle manipulations.

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