Poker Tips and Strategies – How to Become a Great LAG Player

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You can become a great manifisto win huge pots by utilizing LAG strategies. Quite simply speaking, the best way to utilize the strategies of LAG is to utilize them effectively against your opponents.

Loose Aggressive:

Loose aggressive tactics are perhaps thecbest used by good poker players. It is a strategy that can be extremely profitable when used correctly. It involves playing many hands including marginal hands, low pairs, connectors and suited connectors.

Loose players can be very unpredictable and difficult to read. This is part of your advantage and it should be used to your advantage. Having a loose player to your left can cause some big pots to get signed, creating more profit for you.

You want to use this to your advantage whenever possible. It’s fairly inexpensive and the amount of money you stand to make with a LAG strategy is relatively small. For instance, if you are playing tight you stand to make around 2 or 3 big blinds per 100 hands. For a loose player, around 10 big blinds are paid out per 100 hands they play.

The best way to utilize this strategy is to use it against tight players that tend to fold and let the pot build. Beating the tight players that are usually better than you is the name of the game. This is because their blinds get higher as they get involved in more pots.

This is especially helpful in tournaments because the chips you save can be used to increase your stack. For example, if you are running low on chips and end up getting into a pot you are clearly not at the top of your game. Using a Naga303 strategy against such a player will allow you to win a lot of smaller pots. This gives you more opportunity to accumulate more chips and later on when you have more chips in your hand, you can play them aggressively.

Loose Passive:

The term ‘loose passive’ is used to describe a certain type of player. Such a player is harder to figure out, because he will play just about anything. He will call in almost any position, check-raise, and limp in most of the times.

Most players like this exist in low limit games, both online and off. Once again, you can exploit this player and win lots of small pots. The strategy you want to use against this type of players is to play tight and win the small pots, while using your aggressive skills against loose players. This is the essence of the LAG style of play.

The best way to illustrate the distinction is this. Say you are holding 3,8o and there is an raiser in the pot. There are 3 players in the blinds and the flop is 7,8, Q. You are on the button with 8, just in case a player in late position calls, you could continuation bet and steal the blinds. If you hit the flop hard, you are likely to have the best hand. If you don’t hit the flop, you can get out of the hand, but for the sake of this illustration, you won’t have another chance to do so. You check and two players fold. The third player calls, leaving 4 players total to see the flop.

Now, 4 bets is a significant amount. 6 would be very tight, but 4 bet a lot of money. The button player bets half the pot, or $2.40. The small blind player bets $2, $5, and the big blind player bets $5. If you re-raise all-in with any two cards, you will probably pick up the pot uncontested.

However, if you have 8, and the flop is Q, 7, 8, you will probably only hit a pair. That being said, you have rank over the button and have position. Furthermore, both blinds checked to you, and are unlikely to put you on a two pair flop. They may have intended to fold, and decided to call, giving you position and an opportunity to make a lot more money.

This is the essence of the LAG (Loose Aggressive) style of play. You win a lot of small pots by catching a pass line bet and an over bet by the big blind, and nothing else.